Nathan Mahoney was a great agent to explain to my husband and I the difference in types of insurance. The will process. He was very knowledgeable, he also was very honest. If he did not know the answer to our question. He said he didn’t know but he knew where to turn to get the answer. He has a great team behind him as well who helped answer questions.
He was patient with us in the process and made sure we understood the information given.
He truly cares about your coverage, with the experience of his personal life. He shared his hardships with us. Which only showed, he is human and not only about business. He is absolutely an 100% an asset to have in your corner! So when and if you have to use your life or other types of insurance. He will be your personal agent to help you get through it all. I trust he will care. That’s what you want in your corner. It was great meeting Nathan Mahoney. Appreciate your time and efforts yesterday.